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Youth Fun

web sites to fun for young people
pbs critters
Educational site that makes learning about animals fun. Third grade and above.
Fun to Doodle with computer`
This is a super site for kids of all ages - if they like to draw or need extra practice with writing their letters.
Learning Planet
Learning activities for preschool through sixth grade.
Professor Garfield
Critical thinking games that kids will fight to play: reading,math,science,history,music andart
Enchanted Learning
Dozeens of rebus rhymes on every theme imaginable. Good for early and struggling readers.
PBS KIDS games
Lots of online learning games for young kids (k-2). alphabetgames, numbers,adventure games and puzzles. Kids have fun and learn at the same time.
Dozens of rebus rhymes on every theme imaginable
Guys Read
If boys are introduced to this site they go back again and again. Featues books that guys really like and presents them in a macho style
Story Place for Preschoolers
Stories with accompanying online activities and printable paper-pencil follow-up activities.
Learning Planet
Interactive activities to help kids learn math,languages,problem solving and grammar. Learning activities for preschool through grade six. This site sells stuff, but the fee activities are good.
A Walk in the Woods
A really cool site that narrates and shows words at the same time in English or Spanish. It is about plants, trees and some animals found in the woods.
50 States
everything you want to know about any state in the union, including interesting trivia. Easy to navigate.
yuckiest site on the internet
stories, games and activities on the "yucky" topics kids like - worms, bodily functions, etc. Gross stuff kids like.
Click here to find baseball info, such as stats, videos, instructions, and all about baseball.
Chemistry and Physics
For anyone needing or wanting to know about the elements that make the state of matter.
Maisy's Fun Club
Preschool site with book character Maisy. You can play games,read some of Maisey's books and meet her friends.
Animal Fact Guide
Learn interesting facts about animals around the world including animal videos such as the rere pygmy hippopotamus.
Kids Click
A directory of sites selected by librarians for elementary and middle school students.
School Time Games
A collection of games for learning and fun, from math games and logic puzzles to arcade style games.
Children's favorite stories for Preschool and Elementary children.
Activity TV
Childdren of all ages can learn and create a variety of crafts ranging from origami to jewelry and play games or other educational activities.
Horizon Magic Porthole
Enter through the porthole into the fascinating and fragile world of coral reefs.